US 31 access closed to several local roads

US 31 access on the south side of South Bend is now closed at Jewell Avenue, Hildebrand Street, Yoder Street, Dice Street, Pulling Street, Gilmer Street, Pasadena Avenue, Detroit Avenue and Lucinda Street. Drivers can access US 31 at Main Street, Kern Road and Ireland Road.

The closures are necessary as the New US 31 is tied-in to existing US 31. At the end of the year, access to existing US 31 will be reinstated, but access to the New US 31 will be available only at Kern Road or US 20.

US 31 restricted to one lane each direction near US 20

US31ChangesUS 31 between Kern Road and US 20 is now one lane in each direction, as crews work to connect the lanes of the New US 31 to existing US 31 over the coming months.

From now through most of the summer, US 31 will be restricted to one lane in each direction, and traffic merging onto US 31 from US 20 will now yield to through traffic. INDOT is working to alleviate any traffic delays and congestion by adjusting traffic signals in the area to facilitate north-south traffic flow.

Despite adjustments, traffic volume in the area may lead to back-ups on US 31 and on the US 20 Bypass exit ramp for traffic accessing southbound US 31. Drivers are encouraged to find alternative routes to avoid delays.

US 31 restricted to one lane each direction between US 30 and US 6

US 31, from US 30 to just south of US 6, is restricted to one lane in each direction. A crossover is in place.

Johnson Road closed

Johnson Road is now closed at US 31 for new bridge construction st. Access to and from Johnson Road at US 31 will be closed permanently at this time.

Jackson Road and Main Street now open

The Jackson Road bridge over US 31 and Main Street between US 31 and Jackson Road are now open.

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