The New US 31 Plymouth to South Bend CAC met for the fourth time on Nov. 18, 2008. The focus of the CAC meeting was the schedule for the grading contract, Lilac Road bridge over US 31, and scheduled bridges for FY 09. The CAC also received an update about right of way acquisition and the maintenance of traffic plans for the grading contract.


Click here to see a simplified map of the road closures.


Click here to view the detailed maintenance of traffic plans:

(Rev 042308)FT_Plans_0710722_Contracts 19.pdf 666.19 KB
(Rev 042308)FT_Plans_0710722_Contracts 18.pdf 793.56 KB
(Rev 042308)FT_Plans_0710722_Contracts 17.pdf 818.97 KB
(Rev 042308)FT_Plans_0710722_Contracts 16.pdf 552.15 KB

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